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What are your creative roadblocks?

Over the years, I’ve learned you can’t achieve your creative dreams alone.
There are people with different skill sets that can educate and support you with specific portions of your needs. Goal analysis, mentoring, and outsourcing serve as key ways to tackle critical challenges and stumbling blocks that otherwise hinder a dream.

If you are feeling a little lost and need some extra direction, I invite you to reach out.

I have helped many authors at various stages of their journey. I love working with writers to chunk the process and hone in on the next step that is personally right for them. As an award-winning author, writing coach, and instructional designer, I help my clients identify their goals and then build out strategic steps toward reaching each goal.
If you feel lost, consider reaching out. I will provide you with clear, concise, and manageable steps catered specifically for your needs.
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Published Books
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Becoming-a-mean - parenting machine
Brad Allred
Talisha Shine
Opportunity Knocked
Autumn Road
I love helping other writers achieve their literary goals.

"I had my storyline all planned out, but I just couldn't seem to translate it to paper.  Tara patiently listened to my entire storyline and wisely pointed out that I should reconsider how I handled my character point of view.  Once I implemented her advice, the story just seemed to write itself!" —Marnia Law 

"After experiencing a rather cold and institutionalized approach to the editing of my book, Opportunity Knocked, from a professional company, I approached Tara Allred. She brings to my book passion and caring as though it were her own. She Is insightful, perceptive of the story that I wish to give and has gone the extra mile.  I would highly recommend Tara as she is also an author and can empathize with someone like myself  who often tends to stray from the story line and who finds struggles common."  —Clyde Seely

"Ms. Allred's simplistic strategies and concise instructions assisted in my submission to an anthology project that became an Amazon best seller last year. She provides all the requisite tools for crafting your story and pairs them with innovative exercises to maximize the writing process. If you're committed to writing and telling an authentic story, Ms. Allred is the ideal coach for you." —Talisha Shine

"Tara is an incredibly talented, knowledgeable and expert novelist.  A natural teacher and someone I look up to as a mentor.  Working with her has been as comfortable as talking with a trusted friend.  She has helped me to realize my potential and encouraged me to move forward with my writing, even when it seemed impossible. " —Vanessa Jane Moody

If you are interested in writing support, let's connect! For a Free 30-min Consultation use the Contact Me link to reach out and we can set something up. When we meet, be ready to share your overall writing goals, your current project, and your specific needs. 


Creative Team

Behind the Scenes Team

Many amazing people assist in producing a quality book. Below are some wonderful people who have been involved in some of my recent projects. These skilled ladies know how to turn daunting tasks into achievable goals. 
Image by Daria Nepriakhina

Success Thought Patterns with Amber

What if the real roadblock is your own beliefs and fear? What if the biggest detour to reaching your goals is your own destructive thought patterns?

Amber is a faith-building/positive-thinking mentor and trained Mastermind facilitator. She has taught over 100 hours on the subject of destroying fear and building and vision. Through her work, people learn the skills to free themselves from their fears and move forward with faith to achieve dreams of purpose and fulfillment.  


Amber Gubler

Pile Of Books

Book Matter Marketing with Staci

You want your book to succeed (and sell) now you need the front, back, and body matter that serves as a sales pitch for your polished product. 

Staci is an Emmy-Award winning writer and producer skilled in writing concisely catchy pitches that will sell your book. She has written hundreds of teases (promotions) over the years and knows the exact  sales approach to grab the right readers for your book.


Staci Mitzman

Image by dole777

Social Media Planning with Laura

Feeling overwhelmed in how to market your book through social media? A social media marketing coach will help you feel comfortable with new territory of building a high-quality online presence.


Laura is an avid reader and lover of books. She has completed numerous social media marketing courses and loves to use her knowledge to help authors get their books to more readers. She works with clients to help them present their best selves online.  


Laura McKeighen

If you have similar needs, submit a request. The Behind the Scenes Team's rates are competitive. They are mindful of an author's tight budget while offering personalized care and quality above the industry standard.
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