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Book Reviews

Beyond the End

 "I enjoyed feeling and seeing this beautiful world that was created but also the creation falling apart. It's like watching a beautiful building, and then also enjoying its destruction. You can't turn your eyes away!" 

—Amazon Customer

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"The love of family, the teenage urges to set their own path, and the morality to help other humans all play a huge part in book one of this series." 

—J.C. Lucas, Author

"The Existence Series is set in a future world based on creative technology, written with an exceptional grasp of human emotion and motivation." 

— Julie L.

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"The Existence Series is set in a future world based on creative technology, written with an exceptional grasp of human emotion and motivation."
Julie L. 

 "...this book fits perfectly into my expectations and does so in a much more tender way than a lot of sci-fis, which was refreshing. Allred doesn't hit you over the head with heavy jargon. She hits you in the heart with emotion." Macloud

"I love the message laid out...[setting] the foundation for the Existence Series. What a message the world needs..."fair" or equality is not sameness and won't actually bless anyone including the individual(s) pushing for it to happen." — A.G.


"Tara C. Allred does a fantastic job of maintaining a balanced viewpoint, never turning the story into a politicized soapbox agenda. She simply lets the story unfold and leaves it to the reader to decide what they think about what happens."—Indie Reader

"An AMAZING thriller that will capture your heart and mind!" —Shauna Wheelwright

"As a bookstore owner, this book caught me by surprise!...It's just a fun fresh book!

Laura Lewon

"Wow! I was totally enthralled with this book! I loved everything about it, other than it kept me up reading later than I should have. I also appreciated the respectful way the author approached mental illness in this story.." —Jill K. Anderson

UnAuthored Letters

"I struggle with choosing my favorite thing about this book..." —Colleen Bohensky

"The mystery was great...I spent a lot of my first read (yes,I"ve read it multiple times) seriously wondering what the heck was going on. In the end, it all came together beautifully." —Savannah

"Allred choreographs a beautiful dance with challenge and triumph, mystery and intrigue. Prepare for a page turner that's both an indulgent 'beat the odds' & 'time well spent' book that you'll reflect on long after." —Jay

UnAuthored_Letters_eBook (1).jpg

"Best book I've read in awhile. You must read book one first. Intelligently writen. The thing I really liked was the continuos flow of the subject. A psychological thriller. A page turner for sure." —Pearl Lou

The Other Side of Quiet

"A unique and richly interesting story of survival during some of the most complicated years of life; reminding us all about what is truly important." The Book Stalker

"This book has it all! It has murder, mystery, tragedy and lots of teen drama, all wrapped up in journal entries." Sonya N. 

"This book is a perfect read aloud for middle grade and high school classrooms...The Other Side of Quiet brings up questions that students today should be asking and learning how to answer." Brittany Boman, former teacher, Alpine School District

"I love a book that makes me re-examine my own life and find gratitude for my own blessings as well as my own trials." Stacy Lynn Carroll

"This is a book that all teenagers, and parents should read. It will inspire you to believe in our youth, love them through their challenges, and leave you with a desire to be a better parent, teacher and friend." Katie Millar Wirig, Founder of The Power of Family

This book is written in a unique style that stands out from the crowd. I was particularly impressed with Allred's ability to differentiate between so many character voices, especially since they're all in first person." Lindzee


"...a good solid story. I was fooled a couple of times with the plot twists!"  —E. Campbell.

"...a beautiful piece of artwork. This novel is going to stick with me." —B. Boman

Helping Helper

"I absolutely LOVED this book! It kept me guessing right up until the end. I kept wanting to slap the main character for not doing what I thought she should do, and being so wishy-washy, but it made for a great read. I highly recommend it to anyone who likes contemporary romance." —Kim Hampton


Sanders' Starfish

Updated Sanders Starfish Cover.PNG

​"When I got this book, I did not know what to expect. As soon as I picked up the book I could not put it down." —Themantobe

"I highly recommend this book. It's fabulous, well written, and intriguing...If you want a book that will take you into it's world and make you feel like a fly on the wall, watching it all unfold this is it! It is a must have!" —Rebecca Funk

"The changing plot twists adds to an enjoyable reading experience as you find out whether or not the strength in a mentally imprisoned individual’s mind can break free and win in the end." —Robin Leigh Morgan

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