No New Chapters Today

Sometimes life doesn't go as planned. And sometimes chapter sequencing in a novel doesn't go as planned.

Turns out thanks to the editor, we are revisiting some sequencing options to make the book an even better read.

As much as I regret stopping this weekly chapter releases, I have to delay due to a change that I truly believe will improve the novel. (Lesson learned from my previous over-optimism.)

If you were one of those readers, thank you for sharing your time with me over the past weeks. And here is how I hope to make it up to you.

If you would like to be an early reader before the novel is released:

1. Send me a note here.

2. Add "Where is the next chapter?" to the subject line.

3. Share your email address (and the name of your favorite character, chapter, or line thus far).

4. I'll reach out to you this summer for an early reader's copy for you to read before the projected release date of September 2020.

Thanks for your support and for joining me on this adventure!

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